Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lash Course

Do you live in (or want to visit!) the beautiful Pacific Northwest and are interested in upleveling your Volume extension skills? Well, we have good news for you! Hilaree Brand is headed to Bellingham, Washington, just north of Seattle! She’ll be there with bells on – and ready to share her extensive knowledge in a group class setting – just a couple weeks after ringing in the New Year! Hilaree has shared her expertise on stages across the globe, empowering lash artists of all levels. Her teaching styles are personalized and truly exceptional. This course is a unique opportunity to work with Hilaree face-to-face and learn: product knowledge, health and safety tips, specific and advanced volume application techniques, and so much more!

Mermaid Lashes

Who doesn’t want to stand out like a magical mermaid these days? Now you can add a pop of color to your lash line at Lethal Lash Beauty to wake up everyday feeling just as majestic. We have lots of fun colors to choose from such as purple, green, blue, and pink.

autumn-bellingham-lash-extensions-p (1)

Autumn Lash Shed

As the seasons change there is much more going on than leaves falling and temperatures changing. You might notice that our hair cycles also change and as a result we shed more lashes(as well as all hair). From many researches they have found that we grow more hair in the summer.

Repurpose your eyelash wands

At Lethal Lash Beauty we are now accepting any old eyelash wands or old mascara wands. We will be cleansing them and donating them to Wands for Wildlife. This program accepts used wands to help treat animals by removing any debris, eggs, fleas, and more from their fur.

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