Autumn Lash Shed

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Autumn Lash Shed

As the seasons change there is much more going on than leaves falling and temperatures changing. You might notice that our hair cycles also change and as a result we shed more lashes(as well as all hair). From many researches they have found that  we grow more hair in the summer. Our hair is served to protect us from the sunlight. We are also having lots Vitamin D exposure to grow our healthy strong hair. in the cooler months we don’t get as much exposure to sunlight  nor do we have nearly the amount of  Vitamin D exposure that we have in summertime.  Vitamin D is key in hair growth, it helps to develop the iron in our food into the good stuff that helps the hair to grow and stay strong. We suddenly go into Vitamin D withdrawal. Our hair cycles go into shock and the hair follicles release the hair in process.

What this means for lash extensions?

We will shed our lashes faster while our bodies adjust. You may need to schedule your fill appointments closer together to maintain our full lashes. Don’t worry though we will adjust and go back to our regular lash shedding schedules in just a couple of hair growth cycles (or 2-3 fill appointments.)

Just remember this is a normal process. It happens to all the hair on our bodies and has been happening since the beginning of time and your hair growth cycles will adjust.

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