Extensions Won’t Damage Your Lashes

kelli torvik

Everyone’s first question before they get lashes from me is “Will this ruin my natural lashes?”

No, I will not ruin them. That is not to say lash extensions CAN’T ruin your natural lashes though.

The way lash extensions work is that I take one pair of long tweezers through our lashes and try to isolate a single lash. Then I take another pair of tweezers grab a synthetic lash, drip it into adhesive, and attach it your natural lash.  Two important key details here is that I isolate only one lash and that when I drip my lash into the glue that there is only a small amount of glue applied to the synthetic lash. If not, then clumps and clusters occur. This is bad, because when you glue multiple lashes together they have different growth cycles and when your synthetic lash is ready to shed it will pull other lashes that are not in that shedding stage leaving you with missing gaps in your lashes.

There are all different types of lengths, weights, and kinds of lashes. Knowing the weight and thickness that a lash is able to support is extremely important.

Women with finer lashes should be having lighter weight lashes applied. This is why I use Mink lashes. They are a lighter weight. As well as we have a variety of lash lengths.

Your lashes will be examined at the beginning of your appointment to see what length will be the best for your lashes.

I hope this gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to try eyelash extensions for yourself!

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