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Do you live in (or want to visit!) the beautiful Pacific Northwest and are interested in upleveling your Volume extension skills?

Well, we have good news for you!  Hilaree Brand is headed to Bellingham, Washington, just north of Seattle! She’ll be there with bells on – and ready to share her extensive knowledge in a group class setting – just a couple weeks after ringing in the New Year!

Hilaree has shared her expertise on stages across the globe, empowering lash artists of all levels. Her teaching styles are personalized and truly exceptional. This course is a unique opportunity to work with Hilaree face-to-face and learn:

  • product knowledge,
  • health and safety tips,
  • specific and advanced volume application techniques,
  • and so much more!

Date: January 13-14, 2019

Location : 1200 Old Fairhaven Parkway #103, Bellingham, WA 98225

Volume Course – $1697

Why My Brand Lashes?

We know the competition is fierce out there for lash trainings and we’re proud to say we’ve trained A LOT of the well known and highly recognized lash artists out there. Whether this is your first lash training or your tenth, the My Brand Lashes line up of training courses prepares each and every one of it’s students the theory and practical step by step process to be a successful lash artist. We whole heartedly stand by our mission of EMPOWERING WOMEN THRU LASHESand we would love to welcome you into the My Brand Lashes world of empowered women who are making a difference, creating a life they never dreamed possible, and being THE go-to lash expert in their cities.

So what makes a My Brand Lashes training experience unique and like no other lash class out there?

The Manual: If our kitchen sink could fit within the pages of this manual, it would be in there too! You will never hear a My Brand Lashes trained lash artist complain “I was never taught that”. There’s so much more to lashing and giving your clients a jaw-dropping set of lashes than just isolate, dip and place. We not only cover the theory and practical portions needed to set you up for success as a lash artist, but we give you the WHY behind most of it so you leave your training feeling empowered to thrive in your community as not just a lash artist, but an expert.

In our VOLUME manual, we cover:

Product Knowledge – Learn More
Natural Lash Health & Safety – Learn More
Volume Application Techniques – Learn More
Bonus Trainings – Learn More

Innovation: There’s a reason why our president and founder, Hilaree Brand, gets invited all over the world to teach and train…she’s the one spearheading innovation in this industry with her gifted approach to lashing. Her techniques and methods are based upon what works best for you, the artist and what gets you AND your clients results. It’s not cookie cutter, it’s customized. Hilaree works day in and day out testing our products and mastering the science behind our formulations, My Brand Lashes isn’t following the fads, they’re establishing them. We strive to ensure you’re never settling for second or third hand information in an ever-evolving industry, but that you’re hearing and learning from the sources of innovation and advancement in our industry.

Kit: Training day is more like Christmas Day! Our extra beefy student kit gives you all the tools, supplies and lash artist faves to set you up for success. We work hard to provide awesome lash products that are easy to use for the lash artist but that also enhance the client experience. We’re so excited to share our top sellers with you and introduce you to a quality product line like you’ve never experienced before.

Volume Kit Contents (Main Kit):

  • 1 x .07 C Short
  • 1 x .07 C Medium
  • 1 x .07 C Long
  • 1 x .07 L+ Mixed
  • 2 x Sheets Bio Gel Pads (4 Par)
  • 1 x 5 ml. Adhesive (to be determined by location)
  • 1 x Pack Mini Mascara Wands
  • 1 x Foam Pump Bottle
  • 2 x Lash Lather Sachets
  • 1 x Adhesive Shield (1 Strip of 4)
  • 1 x Rinse Bottle
  • 3 x Alcohol Prep Pads
  • 1 x Hydrometer
  • 1 x Carbon Filter Face Mask
  • 2 x Chatty Cathy Lip Mask
  • 1 x MBL Folder
  • 1 x MBL Pen
  • 1 x Sharpie
  • 1 x Makeup Pouch for Disposables
  • 1 x Surprise Student Gift
  • 1 x Certificate of Attendance
  • 1 x “Thank You” Model Gift Bag

Volume Kit (Practice Tools)

  • 1 x .07 C Mixed
  • 2 x Practice Sponges
  • 1 x Adhesive Shields (1 Strip of 4)
  • 1 x 2 ml. Sample Encore
  • 1 x Valerie; Gold Isolation Tweezer
  • 1 x Ava; Gold Classic Tweezer
  • 1 x Acrylic Lash Tile


Product Knowledge

Lashes– The different materials, curls, lengths and diameters available to you in the Volume world.

Tweezers– How to find your fave and which ones are the must-have’s for every Volume lasher featuring “How to Find Your Sweet Spot” to make virtually any volume tweezer your new bestie.

Primers/Removers– Do we need them and the why behind it?

Gel Pads: Cause your client’s deserve better than tape and so do your eyes!

Adhesive: Learn the mad science behind the single make or break it product for any lash artist. This will save you hundreds (if not thousands!!) of dollars in free fixes and going through adhesives like a Tinder profile.

Natural Lash Health and Client Eye Safety

Lash Cycle: Every living thing grows up and moves away, our hair is no different!

Anatomy of Hair: This is a must know for keeping the natural lash healthy and happy

Identifying Damage vs Weakness: Sure, you can tell by a man’s posture at a bar if he’s damaged or weak, but can you do the same for a client’s natural lashes?

Health of the Natural Lash: No longer do client’s have to choose between extensions or healthy lashes. They can have both and you’ll know how to give it to them!

Weight Conversion Chart: Lashes are measure in diameter, not weight so we break it down so you can understand how many volume lash extensions are equivalent to a .15 diameter lash. You will learn to love this chart! Memorize it! Live by it! Swear by it!

Layers of Lashes: Wait, you mean lashes serve a purpose besides sex-appeal?!?!

Lash Rehab: When client’s say no, no, no to damaging lash products, we’ve got the yes, yes, yes for how to get them back in action.

Eye Diseases, Disorders, and Contraindications: What’s preventable and what’s a no-go.

Safety and Sanitation: Keep your standards high and your risk of infection low

Volume Application Techniques

Isolation: Not great for parties, but necessary to mastering lash application!

The “Sweet Spot”: Our Signature method of finding the perfect bit of tweezer bliss to create the perfect fan Every. Single. Time. No more Volume Tweezer Graveyard!

The Perfect Fan: Big or small, you’ll learn to make ‘em all!

Don’t Get Handsie: Proper hand placement for stability and reducing fatigue

Taping: If Celebrities use tape to lift the “gals”, we can use tape to lift the lids. This will be your new best friend in working with difficult lash lines.

Eye pad application: The #1 reason for red-eyed after photos. It’s totally preventable!

Removal and Infills: How to do so safely and without pain and how to create lash magic time after time.

Station and Salon Setup: There’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place

Step by Step Instruction: There’s so much more to it than isolate, dip and place! Learn a variety of fan creating techniques, creating the perfect fan and the best technique for your hand and style, how much adhesive to pick up to prevent fans closing, and how and where to place on the natural lash including the wrapping technique for the best bond.

Checking In: How to check your work to ensure it’s flawless and Instagram-worthy

Course Bonuses

Eye Styling: learn how to assess someone’s eye and face shape to pick out the lash lengths and curls to give them some flattering fringe!

Check Yo’ Self Before You Wreck Yo’ Self: Proper ergonomics of being a lash artist to protect your body and thus, protect your future!

Aftercare: Client cards and how to educate client’s on taking care of their sexy new investment.

The Scoop on Washing Lashes and Lids AFTER application: WHAT?!?! WHY?!?! We’ve got all the do’s and don’ts for setting your sensitive client’s up for success.

Top Notch Service: Assessing client comfort and providing a lash environment to keep them coming back

Business of Lashes: Cover your “L-ass- h” by having the forms, policies and marketing ideas in place before you add on this incredibly lucrative service! PLUS how to rebook and manage clients to maximize your lash biz dollars.

Location, Location, Location: What’s the best type of location and lash shop set up for your lash biz goals.

Competition Prep: Giving you an International Lash Competition Judge’s MUST-HAVE tips for finding success in lash competitions (it’s not as intimidating as you would think!)

Troubleshooting/FAQs: No question unanswered, no stone unturned. These are the most common issues and questions from both lash artists and clients alike for you to reference whenever they come up (and we can almost guarantee…they will!).

Mentor program: Each course comes with 60 days of e-mentoring & follow up with your course
educator to help you troubleshoot your new skill!

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