How often should I clean my brushes?

kelli torvik

I have been asked countless times.  How often should I clean my brushes? How do I clean my brushes? What should I use? I recommend cleaning your brushes every two weeks. Brushes harbor lots of bacteria which can lead to the unwanted break out. You will also experience a more even application with clean brushes! (Especially with liquid or cream make-up) Cleaning brushes is very simple. Just like cleaning your hair. You get the brush wet. Put about a pea size amount of brush shampoo in the palm of your hand. Keep buffing the brush into your palm until the color of the water is clear. Rinse and lay flat to dry over night. They will be clean and good to go the next day. (This will lengthen the life of your brushes. Some of my brushes are 10 years old!) Lastly, I highly recommend in investing into a brush shampoo. I am a die hard BareMinerals fan so I use theirs. There are plenty of great brush shampoo out there though. Do not use face wash on your brush. (You wouldn’t clean YOUR hair with face wash, would you? 😜) Some people use baby shampoo. I have not experimented with this method yet. Just remember you will be using this brush on your face so be selective to the shampoo.

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