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Holistic Approach to Smooth Skin

Experience the same benefits as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, but with a more holistic approach. The DermaDisk removes the top layer of dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft. The DermaDisk combines gentle vibrations with a diamond toned wand with no suction so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin. This tool is very effective for anti-aging, tone and texture of skin, and pigmentation.

Importance of Taking Care of your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ. Your skin serves many purposes to protect you such as defend you from antibodies, keeps you warm, cools you off, and list goes on! You need your skin to be at its best health in order to function properly. This means having a good skincare regime and getting regular facials. I recommend seeing an esthetician at least once a month. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when working with a skin care professional.

How Often Should you Receive a Facial?

Work with an esthetician that knows your skin and can help guide you to the results you want to want to achieve. They will track your progress and modify your regimen if needed. With your esthetcians guidance, you will be using the right ingredients, doing the correct home care procedures, and optimizing your nutritional intake. Make sure to combine your monthly professional facial with at-home professional products provided by your esthetician (and not over the counter skin care products). Clinical skin care products contain active ingredients formulated to improve the skin while over the counter products tend to be made for the masses with less active ingredients and more cheap fluff.