How Often Should you Receive a Facial?

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Since everyone’s skin is different, the answer will be different for every client.  Proper skin care has many different variables like the condition of your skin at the moment, what your skin care goals are, and what products/treatments does your esthetician provide.

If you have grade III acne, your treatment plan is going to look a lot different than someone who is clear of acne, but has sun damage and hyperpigmentation.  A good rule of thumb for someone who wants to maintain healthy skin is getting a facial once a month.  Our cells turn over every 28 days and that process slows down as we age.  To slough away the build up of old cells, it is best to get a facial every 30 days and use clinical skin care at home.

The key is consistency when it comes to a good skin care regimen. Often times when we purchase quality, active products, we expect them to produce results overnight.  Unfortunately, that is just not going to happen.  It would be the equivalent to going for a run and then believe that we are conditioned for a marathon.  You must be consistently taking care of your skin with effective treatments to get the skin health results that you desire.  Since our skin cycle is to reset every 28 days, give any new products at least that long before you start expecting results.

Work with an esthetician that knows your skin and can help guide you to the results you want to want to achieve. They will track your progress and modify your regimen if needed.  With your esthetcians guidance, you will be using the right ingredients, doing the correct home care procedures, and optimizing your nutritional intake.  Make sure to combine your monthly professional facial with at-home professional products provided by your esthetician (and not over the counter skin care products).  Clinical skin care products contain active ingredients formulated to improve the skin while over the counter products tend to be made for the masses with less active ingredients and more cheap fluff.

To achieve the skin care results you’re looking for, be sure to consult a local esthetician that can provide proper skin care treatments and get you on a daily plan that will deliver gorgeous results!

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