The Battle Against Acne

Use clinical products - Go to a professional and get the correct skin care for your skin. Professional products contain active ingredients to help correct skin conditions such as acne.

Moisturize!- Although you may have oily skin. Moisturizing is very important. When you don’t use a moisturizer your skin produces more oil to hydrate which can lead to breakouts.

Changing your pillowcase out- Your pillow is touching your face for 8 hours every night! Be sure it isn’t harboring bacteria.

Pull your hair back while you sleep- The oils from your hair can be transferred to your skin leading to breakouts.

Shower after working out.- After sweating out toxins make sure you are cleaning your skin after.

Clean your cell phone.- We touch our phones with our hands, our friends use them, and then they touch our face. Make sure you are cleaning your screen regularly.

Don’t pick at your skin- This can lead to scarring by damaging your skin tissues.It will not make your breakout go away any faster. Try using a blemish spot treatment to speed up the recovery of your breakout.

Get facials- Your esthetician can use stronger products than the ones you use at home. It also give them a chance to look at your skin and make sure you are on the track for clearing up your skin.

Makeup - Make sure your makeup is non comedogenic (will not clog pores) Usually mineral makeup is recommended.

Although there is no cure for acne, these tips will help fight breakouts.

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