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Bellingham Massage Services

Unplug and recharge with a 60 minute customized massage. Experience stress relief, improvement to your posture, continuous flow of your blood circulation, and improvement to your health.

All massage sessions are 60 minutes and are based upon your needs. From Swedish relaxation massage  to therapeutic massage we are happy to service your needs.

                                                                                  Benefits of Massage

1. Stress Management -Massage therapy can decrease the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and increase serotonin, a sleep modulator, thus significantly counteracting the effects of stress. Massage will also lower your heart rate back to normal.

2. Relax Muscles - Our surrounding muscles act to protect trauma’s by tensing up so that the injured part of the muscle is “guarded”. This causes aches, pains, and “knots” to develop. Your massage therapist detects these problem areas and uses a variety of special techniques to help relax the muscles and allow proper circulation for healing.

3. Boost Immune System - When your blood circulation is improved, the amount of disease fighting white blood cells and natural killer T cells is also improved. In other words, massage aids the immune system to work more efficiently.

4. It’s a Pain Killer - Bare-handed massages  activate the same part of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers such as codeine.

5. Improves Flexibility - Two 30-minute massages per week can improve your trunk flexibility and relieve pain associated with lower back stiffness.

6. Reduces Headaches - Many headaches stem from tension in the neck that restricts blood flow to the brain. Oftentimes, a neck massage can boost blood flow and alleviate the pain.

7.  Alleviate Morning Stiffness - If you sometimes wake up with a stiff neck, you're probably sleeping wrong. A morning neck rub can help get the blood flowing, loosen up your muscles, and make mornings much less painful

60 minute session ....................... $75

Massage Packages

3 Pack - $205 (Save $20)
5 Pack - $320 (Save $55)
10 Pack - $600 (Save $150)

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Classic Lashes

  • $125 - Full Set
  • $55 - 4 Week Fill
  • $45 - 2-3 Week Fill

Volume Lashes*

  • $210 - Full Set
  • $65 - 2 Week Fill
    $75 - 3 Week Fill
  • $85 - 4 Week Fill


  • $60 - Express Lashes
    $20 - Lash Removal
    $65 - Lash Lift *


  • $20 - Lash Tint
    $20 - Brow Tint
    $35 - Lash & Brow
* coming soon!