How to achieve your best full brow

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1) Clean up your natural shape, but do not go to wild with your tweezers. Take a clean mascara wand and brush all your brow hairs upward and tweeze only the stragglers that do not line up in your brow line.

2) Trim any longer brow hairs. Again – Do not go overboard in this step. If you do need more shaping than just a few hairs we do recommend scheduling an appointment with your esthetician for them for a brow wax and have a professional shape your brows. We don’t want to go back to the era of pencil thin eyebrows. Some of us have still not recovered from that era.

3)When filling in your brows choose a color that isn’t too dark. If The color is too dark it can actually overpower your face and can make your eyes appear smaller. We recommend looking at the roots of your hair to determine what color would be best for your brows.

For redheads we recommend light brown shade that has a warmer hue to it like a brown red tone.

Blondes don’t go too brown if you’re naturally blonde, but if you have darker roots it’s OK to go with a darker brown.

If your hair is naturally black try a darker brown color to fill in.

When filling in eyebrows we like to use a brow pencil to line our brows. For a bolder look take a slanted brow brush with powder and apply it to your brows.

4) Lastly, we recommend using a clear brow gel to brush up your brows. This will give them about an appearance of a fuller look.

If you do have sparse brows you can always use a brow serum or a lash serum on your eyebrows. Or if you’re looking for an at home product use castor oil on a clean mascara wand and brush through your brows. This will help with your brow growth.

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